Turkish cuisine is the heir to the Ottoman Culture. It has been influenced by the Balkans’ cuisine and the Middle Eastern cuisine. The meals and their ingredients differ from region to region. These include but are not limited to Black Sea cuisine, Southeast Cuisine, Central Anatolian Cuisine, each with its own rich meal reservoir.


Turkish cuisine includes meat dishes, such as kebabs, meatball, dumplings; casserole dishes. Doner Kebab is the most popular meal in Turkey. Some cities have special kebabs that are uncommon in other areas. These cities include Bursa, Adana, Urfa and others.


The Turkish kitchen has a variety of vegetable dishes as well. Farci, enveloped meat and vegetable dishes, fried vegetables, olive oil dishes, all of them have numerous varieties.


One of the unique drinks of Turkey is called Ayran. It is similar to yogurt and works perfectly when accompanied by Turkish cuisine. Other drinks include Boza, kefir, turnip juice and various syrups. Furthermore one cannot forget to mention Turkish coffee and tea, which has both the taste and that “kick” that one needs to start the day.


Turkish sweets are known all across the world and this part of the cuisine is has a very wide variety. It ranges from Baklava, shredded wheat, paste sweets, pudding to kazandibi, milk-based desserts and stewed fruit. Not to mention the well known Turkish delights.