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Campus Life

Gelisim University has a wide range of after-class activities to choose from. It offers coordinated social, cultural and sporting activities, such as field trips, seminars, concerts, festivals,  international relations. The university also provides students with internship and job opportunities.

The facilities of Gelisim are modern and well looked after. Fully equipped computer labs, rich library, cafeteria, health center, fitness room, all of these are just a small piece of the pie, there is so much more to discover. Naturally, the campus has wireless Internet access, which is available to all the students at any given time.

Health Services

Health consultancy service and emergency treatment are provided by the nurse of university who works at weekdays on hours of work at the health units located in the main campus and the Vocational School. Students are treated free of charge. The service consists of an initial diagnosis and treatment, or immediate first aid in emergency cases. The severity of each case is assessed and staff will refer patients to hospital when necessary.  The Health Centre is staffed by an experienced nurse.



In the university, there are many computer labs for the use of the students and the academic staff. There is also a Wi-Fi network in each of three campuses. In order to have internet connection, students need to get personal password provided by Department of Information Technologies. Erasmus students and full time foreign national students shall use their passport numbers as the first password; this password can be changed later.

Erasmus students and foreign national students check into the campuses through the security booths with their electronic students’ cards provided by Department of Information Technologies. For the electronic cards, students have to deliver one photograph to the Department. Electronic cards should be given back at the end of education period.

Each student shall get a student number as well. 



The Library of Gelisim University was established in order to support students with the ability to improve their knowledge further and allow them to research topics of interest. Once a student becomes a member, one can use all of the services as they see fit. The library is structured in accordance to the curriculum and it is constantly updated. Every computer in the library has access to Internet.
An important thing to note is that the material in English takes up 1/3 of the Gelisim Library. These include books, magazines, audio-visual and more. The library also possesses material in German, French, Spanish and Chinese. The material in foreign languages is constantly being increased in order to satisfy the international needs of students. Gelisim Library has a subscription with Ebrary (Electronic Book Database). Through the database, students have access to 84,434 electronic books in a variety of languages. The library is divided into three blocks: the Central Library, Faculty Library and the Vocational High School Library.

Working hours are as follows:

·      Central Library. Open on weekdays between 09.00 – 18.00

·      Faculty Library. Open on weekdays between 09.00 – 18.00

Vocational High School Library. Open on weekdays between 09.00 – 20.30



Erasmus Student Club (ESN-Erasmus Student Network)

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Project Club

Psychology Club

Industrial Engineering Club

Economics and Finance Club

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club

Computer Club

Scouting and Nature Club

Chess Club

Child Development Club

Aviation Club

Young Fenerbahçe fans Club

National Culture, History and Literature Club

Music Club

Social Responsibility Club

Civil Engineering Club

Social Services Club

Literature Club

Design Club

Business Club

Social Development Activity Club

Business Management Club

Advertising Club

Books and Library Club

Young politicians Club

Psychodrama Club

Health Sciences Club

Theatre Club