Erasmus Office Staff On Erasmus

Erasmus Office Staff On Erasmus

Our employees at the Erasmus Office also benefit from Erasmus Mobility.

Not only the students of our school but also our teachers and administrative staff benefit from Erasmus Mobility. Sena Duman Erasmus Study Mobility Responsible Person and Erasmus Outgoing Internship Student and Project Responsible Person Gülcan Güven Yeşilgül benefitted from this opportunity and did their mobility. Sena Duman spent her time in Macedonia Skopje American College and Gülcan Güven Yeşilgül made her mobility in Macedonia International Vision University. The dual had so much fun in their trip and collected beautiful memories. Sena Duman also extended her trip to  Montenegro and Bosnia. Thanks to Erasmus Office’s great work, several teacher, student and administrative emoloyees earn new experiences and new people. Every individual who participate in Erasmus Project come back with great experiences.

Erasmus Ofisi Erasmus’ta

Erasmus Koordinatörlüğü Erasmus’ta

Arrangement Date : 05 05 2022