Erasmus meeting with high school students

Erasmus meeting with high school students

Istanbul Gelisim University Erasmus Office is continuing to promote Erasmus outside of the university.

İstanbul Gelisim University is continuing to promote Erasmus and informing high school students about Erasmus. On 6 April 2022, Erasmus Study Mobility Responsible Person Sena Duman met with Dulkadiroğlu Anatolian High School students within the scope of Career Days. Sena Duman encountered with student’s great interest and she mentioned about Abroad Opportunities in University Education. Many aspects of Erasmus were mentioned in the event, where high school students showed great demand and participation. Countries within the scope of Erasmus, Erasmus progress and Erasmus opportunities were among the topics mentioned.

Erasmus Office who met with great curiousity and attention from the students, will continue to inform students and mention about İstanbul Gelisim University‘s variable possibilities as well as at the university.

Arrangement Date : 15 04 2022