Dear Students,
As you know, the Erasmus + Program has entered a new phase within the scope of 2021-2027. The Program Guide, which covers the years 2021-2027 of the Erasmus + Program and outlines the new period, has been recently published by the European Union Commission.
The new program along with activities for the next period will take place according to the rules in the handbook published by Turkish National Agency. Istanbul Gelisim University will be able to take up the 2021 Erasmus + Student Mobility applications in case the new handbook and application conditions are finalized.
In order to ensure the maximum benefit of our students from the 2021 Erasmus + Student Mobility, Consortium Projects, it was decided to take Erasmus + Foreign Language Proficiency Exam applications before the Erasmus + Program applications taking into account the covid-19. Exam dates and conditions will be announced later.

Stay safe.

6 Nisan 2021 Salı