Oskar Chmiel


“Incredible city of Istanbul” – there is nothing exaggerated in this well-known phrase; and believe me, if you have any choice, where can you do your Erasmus Internship, this is one of the opportunities which you should not miss.


I started my Internship at Istanbul Gelisim University in July 2014. Summer is a very good time for your internship here; the weather is just perfect almost every day. If you are interested in International Relations, naturally it is good to start your career with gaining some professional experience within international environment. Therefore, it is also essential to improve your language and communication skills. Although, working at Istanbul Gelisim University in International Relations Office can provide you such possibilities for sure. Meeting with new people (including many foreigners), and maintaining the contact with other universities and students all around the world may help you to get some fluency in this kind of environment. At the same time, you can get used to working at office, what is also something essential at the beginning of your career. However, these are not the most important profits coming out from this opportunity. The true benefits are coming from something else:  working day-to-day in a foreign country, in many cases so different than its European counterparts, can definitely provide you new perspectives and widen your horizons. I know, it sounds a little bit cheesy, but I am totally sure, that if you try it out you will agree with me.  Please note that atmosphere at the University is really friendly and due to summer holiday, young colleagues and students – it is quite chilled. Spending time with these people, talking and touching the disciplines of your interest, views exchange – this may be something boosting your knowledge about social sciences and understanding of IR. In addition, there is no doubt that living in Istanbul is a truly exceptional experience.


If you are already convinced to come here, you have sent your application form and you are an accepted candidate – it is the time to deal with some formalities. Issues like your VISA, insurance and residence permission depend of the country of your origin. However, you can get the concerning information by contacting Foreign Affairs Ministry in your country or one of the Turkish  diplomatic units, like consulate or embassy. Then, it is a good moment to think about accommodation. I strongly advise you to look for your new place in the city center – the best locations for foreign students are located in Taksim, Besiktas, Beyouglu and Sisli districts. In fact, finding a place to live in Istanbul is not that hard. However, it is better if you contact them earlier. Also, please note that Istanbul Gelisim University is located in Avcilar district which is quite far from the city center so, if you appreciate quick access to the university more than night life of big city’s heart – you can think about living somewhere closer to the university by finding your accommodation in Avcilar, Yenibosna or Beylikdozu.


To sum up, an amazing opportunity to learn about new customs, culture, language, getting some professional experience, improving language skills, meeting new, interesting people and discovering incredible city of Istanbul, for sure will be mine unforgettable experience which resulted completely new ideas for the future, and I cannot wait for my next time here - in a word:  I truly recommend it to you!