A Journey From Vision University To Gelisim

A Journey From Vision University To Gelisim

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cvetanka Velkoska from International Vision University North Macedonia visited İstanbul Gelisim University.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cvetanka Velkoska from Vision University North Macaedonia visited İstanbul Gelisim University within the scope of Erasmus Teaching Mobility. Cvetanka Velkoska who came to our university on 11 April 2022,  was hosted by Erasmus Office. Later, she left the office for teaching and went to Enginnering and Architecture Faculty Civil Engineering Department. She gave a lecture about ‘’Quality Costs in Construction Management ‘’. Cvetanka Velkoska who received great interest from the students. She came back to the Erasmus Office and prepared for  the seminar she will hold on 12 April.

Encountering the hospitality of Erasmus Office and İstanbul Gelişim University, Cvetanka Velkoska was very pleased about this situation. On 12 April, she held a seminar about ‘’Quality in Entrepreneurship’’ in Engineering and Architecture Faculty moderated by Assist. Prof. Mukhalad Mohammed Mawlood Al-Mashhadani. She received great attention and praise for seminar.
It is expected that this visit from North Macedonia will  contribute to both institutions by creating more opportunities in order to improve the existing bileteral relations between institutions and to provide collaboration between universities in more fields.

Arrangement Date : 19 04 2022