2022-2023 Academic Year Erasmus+ Studying and Internship Applications

Within the scope of the 2022 Contract Term, to increase merit and competence in employment, and to share job/internship announcements with the public in an effective, transparent and reliable way Erasmus Program applications will be carried out online for the first time this year through the E-Government Career Gate Platform structured by the Presidency Human Resources Office, with e-Government integration. The documents that are required for the application are specified in the application guide which you can find below in the useful documents section. The documents in question must be uploaded to the relevant section of the portal in pdf format during the application.The duration for the application procedures is 25/04/2022- 27/05/2022 and applications will be received through the ​​system. Except for the e-government Career Gate platform, applications that will be made by hand or by other means will not be accepted. Since this platform is used for the first time this year for applications, application process briefing meetings will be held for students who would like to apply. Meetings will be held face-to-face and online alternatively in 29/04/2022 at 14.00-16.00 and online via Zoom, and also at the University in 18/05/2022 at 14.00-16.00 face-to-face. All procedures during the application period will be carried out within the mobility calendar which you can see in the beneficial documents section.
NOTE: After the announcement of the Preliminary Evaluation Results and the Final Election Results, all objections, applications and requests regarding the selection and placement can be sent to It is mandatory for our students to use their student e-mail addresses in all correspondence regarding their mobility.
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Points to Take Into Account During Application
Useful Documents
Please click for the Erasmus+ Studying Mobility Application Guide.
Please click for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Application Guide.
Please click for the detailed Application Calendar. 
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Please Click for the Internship Mobility Application Guide. 
Please Click for the Study Mobility Application Guide.